Tuesday, August 22, 2017

KSA Spotlight: Tia Schellenberg


There are some pretty amazing people on our staff and because we do a lot of the 'behind the scenes' work, students don't always get to know who we actually are. Every month we'll feature a staff member (and occasionally Council member) so you can actually put a face to the name / event / project. This month, I invite you to meet Tia! 

How did you come to work for the KSA?
I am a student at Kwantlen. I started working at the GrassRoots, and when the opportunity came up, I applied for the job I currently have. 

Position and summary of your job:
I am the Sustainability Specialist. I work on events and programming on campus that is relevant to sustainability, as well as operating the on-campus garden at KPU Surrey. 

Favourite thing about working here?
The people. Most of my friends are from work and I feel that I'm surrounded by people who would support me in any situation. It's great to come into work knowing that I'll be around people who care about me and are positive influences on my life. 

What is something that makes you unique? / Tell us about yourself.
Taylor Swift follows me on Tumblr. Is that unique enough? (Answer: Yes). I've traveled to England, France, Australia, New York, and LA. I am a literary editor at Pulp Magazine. I love astronomy, true crime, makeup, and animals. 

Best activity to do on the weekend?
Read a book and drink Rosé on the porch. 

Favourite Food?
Indian food 

Favourite KSA Memory: 
I have too many to count, but one of my favourites is going to Baltimore and Washington, DC with my coworkers. It's such a privilege to be able to experience a new place with people I like being around. 

Want to do more with the KSA? Volunteer with our START Program, Peer Support or the KSA Street Team. Looking to do more as a student? Consider attending a committee meeting or running in our By-Election this Fall. Want to work for us? Check out our job postings here

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