Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 Recap

I cannot be the only one who feels like it was March all of 4 days ago. Yet here we are with the New Year right around the corner. Where did the year go? What happened? I can barely remember what I had for lunch 3 hours ago.

Here’s my best recap of what happened this year as remembered by me (and other staff that randomly walked by my desk while I was typing this)...

Nicki, the KSA’s new Policy and Political Affairs Coordinator starts. She has no idea what is coming around the corner for her in May (re: provincial election). We took part in Orientation and visited all 4 campuses for Welcome Week.

KSA Elections happened and a new Council is elected. No one can remember anything else from this month.

MARCH 2017
The KSA Council made Ryan Reynolds an honorary member of the association at our Annual General Meeting…..
…. Yeahhhhhh, let's just not talk about that one.

APRIL 2017
The parking lots started to clear up. Hooray for the upcoming Summer semester! April was also the month of the KSA/KPU Volunteer Recognition Dinner, where we celebrated hard working Kwantlen volunteers.

MAY 2017
The big news this month was the BC Provincial Election! 

The KSA Executives mysteriously disappear. They say they were at numerous conferences meeting with other student associations, learning, growing and networking... no one knows for sure. Someone show me proof!

The BC Provincial Election is stillllllllll going. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, everyone is confused, this hasn’t happened before!

JULY 2017
The BC Provincial Election is basically figured out. But more importantly, this beautiful creation (KSA blog) started to become a thing.

Read our blog post on how the BC Provincial Election is the worst tinder date you've ever been on here.

August was a big month for the KSA.  

First, one of our own became a local celebrity! Our VP External Caitlin was featured on the FRONT PAGE of the Georgia Straight newspaper. It’s no Time Magazine Person of the Year but heck I’ve never been on the front page of anything, have you?

Secondly, Kelsey our new Records Coordinator and Archivist started, 1 week later she was buried underneath approximately 376 boxes of old files and re-evaluating her life decisions.

Lastly, we published our first post here!

September was a blur of student BBQ’s and putting tents up and doing events and talking to students and talking to more students and SO MUCH TALKING TO STUDENTS (we love it, we really do, but September is a lot).

October was a really funny month because we thought that we would get a break from all the talking and events and tabling in September but HA HA HA… October was essentailly September all over again minus a few burgers.

Let’s be real for a minute: September and October were incredible months for #KPUcampuslife we held a large number of events across various departments and really focused on student engagement.

We had a stat holiday, made some bath bombs and watched Harry Potter. Our Marketing Coordinator also bought a Marshmellow gun, it only kind of worked properly (you win some, you lose some). More important than all of those things though, dogs came to campus as a part of Stress Relief Week!

I thought it was November for the first 5 days, we decorated our offices for the holidays... and I wrote this!

Note: These things really did happen, but we did so much more this year than what is listed above. For example… We ran numerous campaigns on issues that affect students such as housing and mental health. Throughout the year we hosted a large number of events focused on a variety of student interests (from mental health to sustainability to inclusivity to physical fitness). We attended some really great conferences and brought back innovative ideas to initiate here on campus. We supported Kwantlen students to attend conferences and workshops so they can learn, grow and bring back ideas of their own. We helped student clubs and provided student engagement opportunities through our 3 volunteer programs. We sent students to Victoria to speak with the government, did yoga in the garden, took students concerns to University staff and ate wayyyy too many burgers.

See you in 2018!

-- Kendell

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