Monday, February 26, 2018

Saving $$ With The KSA

As your student association, we live to support Kwantlen students and make their lives easier in as many ways as possible. One of the ways we try to make your lives easier, is to help save you money. 
Here is a list of some ways we help you to save $$$

If you haven't already heard about REBOOT, you'll be super happy with yourself for reading this blog post. REBOOT is our free computer repair service located on the Richmond and Surrey Campuses. That's right, we'll fix your computer for free. Your computer is likely a super important device for you, not only do you use it to scroll Facebook, but you write your essays, email profs and submit assignments on it as well. So if it's running super slow, or has a glitch, bring it in to our REBOOT Technicians, they'll help you out. The one exception in cost, is parts, you'll have to pay for any new parts that your computer may need, but the labour, software issues, etc, those are all free! 

While the KPU Gym and Fitness Centres are free for students, we understand that it's not always convenient to work out on campus, many KPU students live across the Lower Mainland. Our solution? Inexpensive Steve Nash Passes. We have a partnership with Steve Nash Gyms to get students monthly fitness passes for as low as $5 per month (Steve Nash locations that have more amenities than normal are a few dollars more, but all options are significantly cheaper than buying a normal pass). We figure that while it may not be easy for you to make it to a KPU Fitness Centre, there likely IS a Steve Nash Gym near where you live or work. More information on discounted Steve Nash passes here

We live in a beautiful corner of the world with hiking, biking and so many other outdoor activities at our fingertips and we think it's hugely beneficial for students to have the opportunity to adventure in a safe and cost-friendly environment. Our Active KSA department hosts a variety of different adventure outings based on the season. In the Summer you can join guided hikes of all levels for free, or get the shuttle from KPU to Cultus Waterslides. Winter weather brings a whole other group of activities from $30 snow tubing adventures (including transportation there and back from a KPU campus), to rock climbing and ice skating. Active KSA is a great option for any student who wants to go on an adventure but doesn't want to go alone, doesn't want to do the planning or wants to save money! Check out upcoming Active KSA events here.

Have you ever been to one of our events on campus? If you have, I'm willing to bet you've eaten some free pizza, burgers, samosas, or corn. We love food and we know you do as well, so check out when we're coming to your campus and have a free snack/lunch/coffee on us! 

All our KSA Member Services locations sell discounted movie passes to Cineplex Theatres. That means you can stop by after class, buy a $9 movie ticket from us and redeem it once you're at the theatre. Save those extra dollars for some popcorn or skittles. Bonus: during the Summer, we also sell discounted tickets to Playland! 

Sporks, Bike repair kits, stress balls, coffee mugs, drawstring bags, agendas... those are just a few of the many swag items we've given away during the KSA's lifetime. Similar to free food, most of our events have free swag you can pick up, or at the very least we usually have some kind of giveaway you can enter by participating at our booth. Interested in more practical things? KSA Member Services are always stocked with free condoms and feminine menstrual products that you can grab in a pinch. 

Oh our beloved UPASS. Most people love it, a few people (usually drivers) aren't the biggest fans, but no one can doubt it saves you money! A regular 1 month 3 zone Adult pass is $172, but as KPU Students under the UPASS you pay a whopping (this is sarcasm, it's a very discounted price) $51. Also if you have a car and use the UPASS instead, you don't have to pay for parking at campus and downtown. There is no denying it, the UPASS is super convenient and it's saving you money. 

The last thing I want to make sure you know about, is the student discount at KSA GrassRoots Café. Did you know that as a KPU student you receive a 5% discount on all non-alcoholic purchases at the cafe? Want some nachos? Discount. Coffee? Discount. Tater Tots? Discount. You may not think it's much, but it IS saving you money, and every little bit counts when textbook prices are threatening to drain your wallet, am I right?

So there are 8 ways that the KSA helps you save money. From movie tickets to free swag to inexpensive gym passes, we really do aim to support services that make things easier for you, Kwantlen Students. Want to know more about our services and other ways we help you save $$? I recommend you head here.. 

Until next time!


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