Thursday, August 10, 2017

GrassRoots Café Secret Menu Items & Tricks!

Maybe you’ve heard of the KSA GrassRoots Café. Maybe you haven’t. Either way this blog post is sure to give you the inside scoop on secret menu items and ordering tips.
Haven’t heard of the KSA GrassRoots Café? It’s the KSA student café located on the KPU Surrey campus. The person serving you coffee, they’re a student. The individual who dished out your mac n’cheese, they are too – all the staff behind the counter are students. The café serves up meat and veggie dining options throughout the week along with a license to serve alcohol. If this isn’t your first semester on the Surrey Campus, I’m willing to bet you’ve stopped by before / after / between classes. If that’s the case you may have a regular order and have tried a brownie (or two). This post is goes past the ‘regular’. We’ve received feedback from KSA staff and regular customers to highlight a few unknown menu items & ordering tips at GrassRoots Café. Call it a not-so-secret secret menu if you like …
GrassRoots BBQ
Patio BBQs
If you stick around campus for the Summer semester, you may be lucky enough to witness a GrassRoots Patio BBQ. Every Thursday, starting in June, the Café pulls out a BBQ and grills up burgers (meat and veggie) on the outdoor patio. The BBQ is only open during the lunch hours, but it’s the perfect way to enjoy a little bit of Summer between class. The burger will set you back $6.50 but who doesn’t love a little #patioseason lunch.  

Beer & Nachos

Pub Food
GrassRoots Café recently added finger food appetizers & beer on tap to the menu. Let me repeat that … BEER ON TAP (and KPU Beer at that). This means that during a hockey game, political debate or open mic night, you can enjoy wings, nachos, mozzarella sticks & spring rolls with some local KPU Beer.

Vegan Brownie from GrassRoots Café
Vegans Welcome Here
Another insider tip: You can make almost everything vegan. Tofu & Daiya cheese are always on hand at the Café and soy-based chicken is usually available as well. The café has some items that are vegan by nature (Spring rolls, Brownies, Granola Bars, Samosa Wrap, Mediterranean Wrap, Rice Stir Fry) but the majority of remaining menu items can be made vegan too – you just have to ask! Order a Mexicali Wrap vegan (no sour cream, sub for daiya cheese, sub for soy-based chicken). Feeling a quesadilla (they’ll make those vegan too!). Nachos, another crowd favorite, can be made vegan as well. Coming for a coffee? The café has both soy and almond milk. The GrassRoots Café staff are amazing at accommodating vegan, gluten free and other dietary needs or preferences, all you have to do is ask.
Save Your Money
If you’re looking to save money, we have some good news for you. As a KPU student you get 5% off your order at the KSA GrassRoots Café. More than that, if you bring a re-usable cup or mug for your coffee, you get another $0.25 off!
Taco Tuesday
Every Tuesday the GrassRoots Café offers a Taco Tuesday special. You can get burritos or opt out of the wrap and go for a burrito bowl. Tacos not your favourite thing? You can ask for the bean chilli they use for burritos to be put on a hot dog (meat or veggie) – next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a chilli dog!
Special Request: Tater Tot Nachos! 
Staff Pick: Tater Tots!
Looking for the all time staff favourite order at GrassRoots Café? Our staff have spoken and it’s TATER TOTS. Yes the café does tater tots, all day and in different ways. You can have tater tots with your breakfast sandwich in the morning, by themselves as a snack, or loaded like nachos! Don’t forget to take advantage of the different sauces GrassRoots has on hand. There’s the classic Ketchup, but another solid option is dipping them into Sweet Chilli sauce. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.
Do you have a favourite order or trick at GrassRoots? Let us know by tagging @KSAGrassRoots on social media!  

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