Thursday, August 03, 2017

Who Are We?

Before we dive into all the ‘real’ posts, it might be helpful to give you more information on who we are. As contributors to the blog and as an organization.


Just in case you ended up here all the sudden, without warning, and are a little confused on who we are ... The KSA (Kwantlen Student Association) is a student run and student funded organization that exists to support Kwantlen students. Say student one more time, right? But that’s why we’re here. We’ve created programs and services that help make your life as a KPU student easier, we advocate for the issues that affect you most and we host events so you can have a good time when you're not in class. Essentially, we find out where there are gaps in your student experience and attempt to fill them in.

The KSA is made up of a student council (which you vote for), 4 student executives and staff that support the programs and initiatives. You’ll see us at campus events, read our posters on the bulletin boards and probably eat some of the free food we hand out. Overall, we’re here to support you and build #KPUcampuslife.

Want more information? Interested in our financial documents? Want to see an extensive list of the departments and services we provide? Our website is the best place to find all that information. Copy and paste, bookmark or write it down:

The (Regular) Writers
We have a lot to say. Really, we do. There are a bunch of us here at the KSA that have tips/tricks/advice/experiences/information we want to share with you. Let us be your spirit guides (ok, that was weird, you’re right). Anyways, we have some cool stuff to say and we’d love for you to give our little blog a read.

But who are we? Meet the KSA Staff that will be contributing to the blog regularly. Drumroll please…

Kendell Kitt - Clubs & Outreach Coordinator
As the KSA's Clubs & Outreach Coordinator, Kendell leads the KSA Street Team, supports Kwantlen Clubs and posts content across all @KSAcouncil social media accounts (follow us). Outside of work, you’ll find her eating yummy vegan food, planning her next trip, or binge watching Greys Anatomy.

Tonya Myhedyn - Active KSA Coordinator
Tonya is our Active KSA Coordinator. She works on providing healthy and active living events and programming. Most of the time Tonya can be found on the Richmond campus planning weekly adventures and resources for students. When she's not at work, Tonya is likely at a dance studio, riding her bike, or reading a book. A serious wine enthusiast, Tonya also has a love for birds (especially cockatoos)! 

Mairi Lester - Sustainability Coordinator
As the KSA's Sustainability Coordinator, eco-friendly initiatives like food waste, Kwantlen St. Market and the Westerman campus garden are Mairi's (rasberry) jam. Known for her witty vegetable puns and great book recommendations, Mairi's often diving into a new knitting project or volunteering with Girl Guides of Canada. 

John O'Brian - Advocacy Coordinator
(Student Rights)
John is the KSA's Advocacy Coordinator. He's the one that you can go to if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation with the university and need advice, help or support. A social justice warrior, when he's not working in the Student Rights Centre he's likely to be making obscure references or building fully automated luxury space communism.

Nicki Simpson - Policy & Political Affairs Coordinator
Nicki is the Policy and Political Affairs Coordinator at the KSA. She works with elected students and other staff to help run campaigns, research and write policies, and lobby different levels of government for initiatives that support students. When Nicki isn't at the office, she's watching way too much Netflix or adventuring in the forest.

Josephine Wong - Marketing & Communications Coordinator (Blog Design & Tech Support)
A design wiz, Josephine is our behind the scenes support. In addition to designing KSA posters, ordering marketing materials and coding our website, she's the go-to person whenever you have a question. Bacon lover, night owl and gamer, Josephine is rarely seen without an energy drink in hand.

Thanks for reading!

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