Thursday, October 19, 2017

Club of the Month: Kwantlen Pageturners

It's October... (in case you didn't know that already) which means it’s time to introduce another beautiful KSA Club.

Every month we (try to, yes sometimes it just doesn’t end up happening, we’re sorry, please forgive us) feature a KSA club and highlight the fun/cool things that make their club different from the others. It’s a chance to get a little inside information, and see what events and meetings they have coming up.

Without further ado, I present the Kwantlen Pageturners Club!

Something that makes our club unique is how we really listen to our members and value their opinions, integrating them into any decisions we make. There is always a poll set-up, so everyone can vote on the next book to read, along with what times for meetings are best suited for each member.

We started our club in June 2017. It was initiated because we missed the joys of reading. With classes, work, and busy schedules in general, we couldn’t remember the last time we let our minds relax and dive into a good book.

We’re hosting our first event on November 16th, and we’re hoping to make it a regular thing. It’s a movie night where the movie will have a book counterpart. After watching we can discuss likes and dislikes about each mode. We’re hoping to have more events in the future, such as book exchanges. As a new club, there’s so much potential and room to grow with everyone being able to share their ideas.

As said above, our first event will be held on November 16th. Our meetings are held once a month to discuss the current book being read. As members have busy schedules, we thought best to give two months per book.

You totally want to join this club now, right? I know I do! And you’re in luck, you can join the club by emailing them about your interest at OR you can join their FB group here →

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