Thursday, October 05, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Invasive Plant Pull

Here at the KSA we represent a wide range of students, and student interests. As a result we put on a bunch of different kinds of events. Here’s a throwback to an event we’ve put on in the past...

On Friday afternoon a few weeks ago we set out to Cougar Creek and teamed up with the City of Surrey to help get rid of an invasive plant in the area. This time around the plant we were 'pulling' was a Blackberry bush that had overcome the native plants in the area. We discovered that attacking blackberry branches was actually a great stress reliever (at least for a few of us) as long as we had the proper gear. 

Below is a little photo essay of our time at the Invasive plant pull.

What we started with! 

We wore two sets of gloves to protect our hands. 

First we had to cut the branches into smaller sections... 

... then pile them all into yard waste bags.

No fun was had... 

... Not even a little bit of fun. 

In no time we had cleared a large patch of invasive Blackberry. 

Obligatory 'we're done!' group shot. 

Thanks for scrolling through our Invasive Plant Pull throwback!

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