Thursday, March 08, 2018

Spring 2018 Bucket List

It may not totally feel like Spring yet, but we’re getting closer each and everyday. Now that we’re officially in the ‘Spring’ semester, I thought it would be useful to write a Spring Bucket List for Kwantlen Students a.k.a Things you totally shouldn’t miss out on in the next couple months!

Without further ado…


1.   Complete in The Amazing Race: KPU Edition

It happen once a year, so don’t miss out on this killer event. Have you seen The Amazing Race on TV? It’s a reality race/challenge TV show were teams of 2 compete to win a grand prize. Our Active KSA department is hosting The Amazing Race: KPU Edition on March 16th from 11am - 1pm. It’s a team race, with both physical and mental challenges, across the KPU Surrey Campus. It’s completely free to register a team and participate, and the grand prize is $300 -- you read that right THREE. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. More information on the event at

2.   Attend a Career/Professional Development Workshop

After setting those yearly goals and resolutions in January, Spring is a great time to revisit your professional goals and refresh that resume. KPU Career Services is offering a number of resume, job search and career focused workshops and events this entire month to help you get ahead and get hired -- whether it be in preparation for a summer job, graduation or just to stay on track professionally. If you can’t make it to a KPU Career event, there are other resources on campus you can access that will give you an extra boost in the resume department. Not ready for that yet? Do some research on volunteer opportunities (on or off campus). RSVP for KPU Career Services events and workshops here.

3.   Get Involved, Politically

Everyday there is a new political story plastered all over the internet. Yesterday maybe it was about Trudeau, today maybe it’s about Trump and tomorrow it could be about Putin. Knowing what is going on in the world is incredibly important, but have you ever thought about what is going on with your student government? In case you’re confused, yeah, hi, that’s us (raising hand emoji here). We’re having our 2018 Annual General Meeting March 27th @ 1pm and I want to challenge you to get involved in your student government and attend. This challenge isn’t asking you to run for anything, I’m not asking you to sit on a committee...

I am challenging you to hang out for 1 hour, eat free food, raise your hand when you agree with things, ask questions if you’re confused and let us know if you’re not a fan of something.

Helping to pass bylaws and regulations may not sound like the sexiest thing, but this is your student government, and we need you.

4.   Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Whether you self-identify as a female or not, International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate. There are all kinds of events happening across the lower mainland from run clubs to yoga classes to workshops to conferences all focusing on International Women’s Day (Events happening all month long, before and after the actual IWD on March 8th). We’re hosting a number of events on March 12th at the KPU Surrey Campus.

5.   Try: Archery

Try something new this spring! May we recommend Archery on March 23rd with Active KSA!

6.   Get Festive on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patricks Day is March 17th and as with every year, there are lots of different events you can attend to celebrate the day. If you’re busy studying for midterms, or completing assignments in the library, wearing green is an easy and fun was to participate in the day. On campus the KSA GrassRoots Cafe serves green beer, if you’re looking to take a break.

7.   Do: Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time to reorganize and refresh. Go through some clothes that you don’t wear(drop them off at the donation bins at the KSA Member Services in Richmond or Surrey), or finally recycle those old electronics you have lying around (our REBOOT program can recycle them for you).

8.   Take time for yourself

Last but not least, take time for yourself this spring and practice self care. Listen to that podcast you’ve been dying to listen to, book that massage (covered through your Health & Dental plan), or make an appointment through the Peer Support program and talk with someone about the struggle you’re going through -- take time for yourself, however you need to.

Until next time,


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