Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Best Dog Spotting Locations (When you don’t have a dog)

If you’re like me, you may have a mild obsession with the furry friends we humans call dogs. Dogs are great companions. They make you laugh, they comfort you when you’re sad, they’re great listeners, and they just look so darn cute. Maybe you are one of the blessed people out there that can say they have their own dog, but maybe you’re like me and for whatever reason (cost, time, etc) you love dogs, but can’t have one of your own at the moment.

That’s where dog spotting comes in. There are certain places that you can go where you’re almost guaranteed to see a dog, or a group of dogs, so you can get the cuteness fix you need.

Crescent Beach
While any dog park is generally a good place to run into furry friends, the Crescent Beach area is especially great. They have two separate areas where dogs can run and play off-leash (one dog park and one dog beach). Unlike nearby White Rock Beach, dogs are welcomed on the Crescent Beach trails and public walkway. This makes the Crescent Beach area, what I consider to be one of the best places to spot dogs in Surrey. Live closer to Vancouver? Kitsilano Beach is a great area, similar to Crescent Beach!

Dog Mountain (And hiking in general)
Dog Mountain is a short, low incline trail on Seymour Mountain in North Vancouver. As the name would suggest, the features of the trail make it a great destination for hikers with dogs. Therefore it’s also a great place to spot some good, friendly dogs out in nature. While not all mountains have ‘DOG’ specifically in their name, Lower Mainland hiking trails in general are great places to spot dogs. Just be sure to check the trail information before you leave as there are some trails in the area that don’t allow dogs.

Bad weather, but still want to spot some doggos? PetSmart is another great place! Whenever humans want to get a something new for their dog, they 9 times out of 10 bring the dog along with them. PetSmart also offers grooming and training services, so they may be in the store for their important dog appointments.

We don’t all have the time (or desire) to go out specifically to spot dogs. Have no fear! Instagram (and yeah, the internet in general) is a great place to spot some dogs virtually. There are hashtags #DogsOfInstagram #MyDogIsTheCutest you can search, and dog accounts you can follow (I recommend Moooseybaby, Aspenthemountainpup, and Ifitwags. You don’t follow fifteen personal dog accounts? Oh … okay, just me.

Instagram: @Sviacat

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (At certain times of the year!)
Last but not least … yeah, you read that right … you can spot (and cuddle and love) dogs at KPU! While KPU does have a pretty specific pet policy that would deter students and staff from bringing their dog to campus each and every day, at certain times of the year we hold an event where Therapy Dogs are brought on campus. This month we’re doing just that! On November 21st in Richmond (Active KSA Studio from 11am - 1pm) and November 22nd in Surrey (Surrey Conference Centre 11am - 2pm), we’ll be bringing therapy dogs to campus! The therapy dogs are a part of our Stress Relief Holiday Send-Off event. This event will have a number of different de-stress (& fun) activities students can participate during this busy time of the semester.

To all you dog lovers out there, thanks for reading! See you Nov. 21st & 22nd -- let’s cuddle some friendly doggos!

-- Kendell

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