Thursday, November 09, 2017

Waking Up Early And Creating Routines

I get up at 4:30am every single weekday. Does that seem crazy to you? It seemed impossible to me. However, for my mental health it was a necessary step and now it’s my routine. Want to know how to do it, or how to create a routine? Tune into my story and find out!

Two years ago I went through a series of unfortunate events in my life. I felt like I had lost control of who I was and what was important to me. This led me on a journey to find ways to release my stress and learn new things about myself. Talking with my mom one day she suggested joining a local gym. My initial thought was that I had no time to dedicate going to the gym and building a routine for myself.

Reluctantly I joined a gym and once I realized I had to pay that same amount month after month I knew I wanted to get the best bang for my buck. However, I work a Monday-Friday day job and while that gives me the luxury of having nights and weekends off under no circumstance did I want to interfere with that. After work I would dread having to change into my workout gear, drive to the gym, fight to find a parking spot and then fight to find a machine that wasn’t drenched in sweat. Weekends were a GIANT NO because I loved my weekends and the thought of committing to something every weekend wasn’t practical for me. I like to camp, hike and use my weekends for outdoor fun.

So that left me with one option….MORNINGS….

Now, by nature I am an early riser, as a kid I got up at 6am most days. However 4:30am seemed nuts. I wanted the gym to be a part of my day without ruining the routine I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked having breakfast at home before work, I liked to shower at home in my own space. I found out my gym opens at 5am on weekdays. I started getting up at 5:30am. That way I would be at the gym by 6am, workout until 7am, go home, shower, have breakfast and get ready for work. I found the 1 hour at the gym didn’t suffice. I talk way too much and wasn’t putting the work in. So each week I would set my alarm 5-10 minutes earlier. Doing the gradual time change, as opposed to drastically changing it, helped my body adjust to the routine. That went on until I finally got to the elusive 4:30am. At 4:30am the world is quiet and it can be easy to want to stay in bed, but it’s the best time to get up.

I discovered that the people who go the gym at 5am are always in a good mood. I found that to be because they start every day challenging themselves. When you start the day on the right foot it propels you to thrive throughout the rest of your day.

Two years later and I still get up at 4:30am on weekdays. I am the happiest I have ever been. The gym became so much of a routine that I now volunteer twice a week teaching Circuit Classes. I’m not suggesting you be crazy like me but if I can make it work, even at 4:30am, you can too.

- Alicia (Kwantlen Health Plan Administer)

Looking to set up a routine for yourself? The KPU Fitness centres are free for students and we have monthly student passes to Steve Nash Gyms for as low as $5 a month. Switching gears, are you struggling or concerned with your own mental health? Check out the new MyWellness program(Also free) at

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