Thursday, November 23, 2017

Club of the Month: Science In Action Club

Every month we (try to, yes sometimes it just doesn’t end up happening, we’re sorry, please forgive us) feature a KSA club and highlight the fun/cool things that make their club different from the others. It’s a chance to get a little inside information, and see what events and meetings they have coming up.

Our November Club of the Month is the new Science in Action Club!

The Science in Action Club was established in Fall 2017. This club was initially two independent clubs under the KSA (Biology Club and Health Science in Action Club). Both clubs decided to merge after their successful collaborative effort to host the first ever Health and Wellness Convention. Science in Action Club aims to provide a platform for students to apply theatrical knowledge learned in class thus enhancing their education while increasing student network.

At the core, the Science in Action club’s mission is to emphasize health, enhance student learning through collaboration with various organization and like-minded individuals.

They have a monthly Healthy Talk Series, approved by the Faculty of Science, that includes relevant health topics supported by current research, conducted by members.The Science in Action Club also has a monthly Speaker Series, inviting guests from various fields to discuss current research, discoveries, and provide relevant information for students.
The Science in Action Club meets every month. This month’s meeting is on November 17, 2017.

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